From the Heart
The Photographs of Brian Lanker

Brian Lanker saw more than most of us do. He saw opportunities in the moment, and he grabbed a camera, “the tool that was as quick and reflective as his brain,” writes sports columnist and editor Blaine Newnham. Newnham recommended Lanker’s hire as picture director … MORE

Shall We Dance
Photographs by Brian Lanker

From the controlled beauty of classical ballet to the vivacity of salsa, dance can be found in nearly every culture on Earth. Shall We Dance is the result of Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Brian Lanker’s year of travel across the United States, documenting the huge variety … MORE

They Drew Fire
Combat Artists of WWII

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor shocked the United States out of its comfortable isolationism, many artists, like most citizens, sought ways to contribute to the war effort. Some of America’s best young artists had already been drafted into the Army while others were mobilized … MORE

I Dream a World
Portraits of Black Women Who Changed America

When Brian Lanker mentioned to a friend his idea for a book-length photographic essay on influential American black women, he was asked whether there were enough black women of stature around for such a project. What he found, he said, was that there were more … MORE